2020 has been a difficult year for everybody. So as the year draws to a close, we need some hope in our lives.

Windows of Hope are dressed windows in ordinary homes across Sutton depicting ideas of hope from different traditional Christmas Carols. There are 24 of them dotted around if you can find them!  The words of these carols are about another time in history when the ancient people of Israel were living in despair looking for the hope of a promised Messiah (Saviour/King). Their hope was fulfilled in the birth of Jesus and billions of Christians around the world today share that hope, even in the midst of our hardship.

If you want to hear more about that hope, please join us for our Christmas Carol services or why not sign up for our Christianity Explored course where you can explore this hope for yourself in an open, friendly, discussion-based environment.

If you want to see more windows, here is a map of where you can find them


Windows of Hope Map