Community Groups are our name for midweek small groups: small groups of people from church who meet in church members' homes weekly to share pray, discuss the Bible and develop genuine and deep friendships. 
These are our current groups:
North Cheam (Wednesdays at 8pm, lead by Ryan and Lia)
North Sutton (Thursdays at 8pm, lead by Mark and Lucy)
Central Sutton (Sundays at 4pm, lead by Jordan and Emma)
Central Sutton (Wednesdays at 8pm, lead by Martin and Sharon)
Carshalton (Wednesdays at 8pm, lead by Gregor and Kathryn)
South Sutton (Thursdays at 8pm, lead by Tim and Ann)
Daytime group (Fridays at 9.30am, lead by Kathryn)

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to join a group or have any questions.